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Chinese Medical Education Center


Master Tung Course

TCM Community Interview with Dr. Gil Ton "introduction to Master Tung Acupuncture"

TCM Community Interview Dr. Gil Ton

about Master Tung Acupuncture - part 2

Tung Acupuncture lineage originated from Taiwan and the last 5 decades gained popularity worldwide due to its success in treating not only pain related conditions but also internal medicine diseases.  


This style of Acupuncture is not just a collection of extra points; it’s a complete acupuncture tradition that emphasises the 5 zang channels, holographic imaging and unique needling areas and techniques.


2024 Master Tung Course Schedule

Master Tung Acupuncture - Basic Course

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The course is divided into:

1. Introduction Principles and Methods

2. Most commonly points

(about 100-120 points, also case studies)

3. Demonstrations and practice -

each zone will be practiced. 



1. Tung Ching Chang - background

2. 14 channels approach vs 5 zang approach 

3. the 12 zones in the body

4. The shen jing concept 

5. The dao ma needle technique 

6. The Dong qi method

7. Long retention of needles 

8. Holographic needling 

9. Other methods that can be applied such as guiding needling technique and zang fu bie tong theory



most commonly used points of 1-1,2-2,3-3,4-4,5-5,6-6,7-7,8-8,9-9,10-10 

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th of February 2024

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd of March 2024

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th of March 2024


by Dr. Gil Ton PhD

Accredited for 48 NAPS in category 1 at NVTCG - Zhong

Accredited by NVA (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Acupunctuur) code AT

Advanced TCM course: Master Tung Acupuncture

Please note that this 6 day course is based on an accumulated style of learning, so no new-comers after the first weekend

(17 & 18 February 2024) which will cover the introduction, principle and methods needed to continue with weekend 2 and 3.

Dr. Gil Ton PhD is a Chinese medicine practitioner, researcher and lecturer since 2011 and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

After studying Acupuncture extensively for many years in Asia and 6 years specifically in Taiwan, he learned Taiwan Master Tung Acupuncture with

Professor Lee Kuo Cheng (李國政) and worked as a lecturer and

research fellow at the Graduate Institute of Acupuncture Science,

China Medical University in Taiwan.

This course is for :

graduates of acupuncture

Address: Weegschaalhof 20, 3067 TS, Rotterdam

Time: 10:00-18:00

Lunch break: 13:00-14:00

Fee: €990,00

(or 3 installments of €340 each)

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