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Tuina Training for Acupuncturists

Are you an acupuncturist who would like to increase the effectiveness of your treatments by adding Tuina? Are you looking for a complete course that will set you up starting with the foundations of Tuina, but also offers high level advanced Tuina techniques?

Statistics show that most acupuncturist that already practice, want to take Tuina courses but don't have the time to write a thesis or follow internships or take multiple exams.


So if you want to take a Tuina course and crave practical and clinical knowledge, look no further, as San Bao Chinese Medical Education Center can offer all this and more. The opportunity is rare as we offer truly professional Tuina courses, post-graduate Acupuncture skill improvement, Advanced Cupping and Electro-Acupuncture techniques with lots of practice which are not provided elsewhere, please take this opportunity to register. Classes are always during the weekends starting on Saturday March 4th 2023 until Sunday November 19th 2023. After the course is completed you will receive a certificate of completion.

The number of applicants is limited to 10 people. In this way, we can ensure the quality of our teaching, so that everyone can master these diagnostic points and special treatment methods. Minimum amount of participants:4

The total "Tuina Training for Acupuncturists" course costs €2100,- (including VAT). This gives you the opportunity to pay less than if you bought all the modules separately. It is also possible to pay this whole course in 7 installments, €300,- per installment. (including VAT)

To clarify once more: the "Tuina Training for Acupuncturists" program consists of all the 9 "single modules" that SAN BAO offers throughout the year. That's 14 days in total. The content and alignment of these courses have been especially designed so they can be done as separate individual courses but also as a whole complete Tuina program. The difference is that when applying for the separate courses you pay separately per course.

If you apply for the whole annual program, the course costs €2100,- (including VAT), which is €140,- less than, taking all of the courses and paying for them separately without letting us know beforehand that you've opted for the whole "Tuina Training for Acupuncturists" program.

The number of applicants is limited to 10 people. In this way, we can ensure the quality of our teaching. Languages: English, Dutch, Chinese

All our courses are accredited in category 1, by NVTCG - Zhong for a combined total of 98 NAPS.

for: acupuncturists, tuina therapists, TCM students

How to enroll:

Please send your full name, address, phone number and email address to:

We will send you an invoice, and as soon as it's paid you will have secured your spot.

Linn Mekke

2023 Tuina Training for Acupuncturists Course Schedule

2023 Course Curriculum

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